Why “Red Koala”?

Why the name “Red Koala”?

Let’s be frank – Rebecca Kalomiris is not the easiest name to remember. Well, maybe the Rebecca but “Kalomiris”….hard enough to pronounce but definitely difficult to remember.

So I wanted to continue to use my initials and create a unique and memorable name that represents how I work and who I am.

RED: Red has both positive and negative connotations – aggression and conflict versus warmth and compassion. Therapy is not always warm and fuzzy. It does not always “feel good.” The issues people struggle with are often painful and damaging. The path to healing and growing balances the hardships of change as well as the rewards and is well represented in the color red.

Red also represents strength, resiliency and power. I want to EMPOWER clients to be brave and intentionally work to create a fulfilling life. I want to help clients build not only recognition of but how to best utilize their STRENGTHS to grow and challenge themselves. I want to help clients employ RESILIENCY by developing new coping tools and a strong sense of self.

KOALA: Yes, koalas are pretty cute and cuddly. But that is not why I chose this animal symbol to represent my business. Koalas are associated with MINDFULNESS – being intentional in life, slowing down and experiencing life’s moments, being present for yourself and others. Koalas are independent yet social; calm yet protective of their boundaries; empathetic and in tune with the emotions of others.

The combination of “red” and “koala” is a bit like the ying and yang of therapy. Power, strength, pain and rest, healing, kindness.

Let’s make something together.